Friday, April 18, 2014

"God is an ever receding pocket of scientific ignorance that's getting smaller and smaller as time moves on." Is this an obvious truth?

A list of possible answers from the god-soaked:

1. "My fairy magically invented natural processes."

2. "My fairy magically started the whole thing."

3. "My fairy magically invented or used or guided evolution."

4. "The pope accepts the truth of evolution even though he still believes a magical soul is magically inserted into the human ape species (but of course not our chimpanzee ape cousins) because people are special and their existence was inevitable even though the dinosaurs would still be ruling the Earth if not for a large space rock wiping them out 66 million years ago."

5. "There is no evidence for evolution."

6. "I have a long list of incompetent fake scientists who are evolution deniers."

7. "Evolutionary biology is not one of the most important branches of science. Evolutionary biology is a religion."

8. "It takes more faith to believe in evolution than my magical-creation-out-of-nothing fantasy."

9. "I don't believe in a god of the gaps even though everyone else knows that's exactly what I believe in."

10. "My fairy will magically torture you in its magical hell."

11. They will use bible quotes to insult me.

This is why I prefer answers from normal people, aka atheists.

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