Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why, when biblical stories like the six-day creation and the story of Jonah used to be taken literally, do Christians now say with certainty, science contradicting things like that, that they're allegorical?


It depends on the Christian. Some Christians translate the bible to mean exactly what it says. Other Christians make ridiculous excuses to pretend the fantasies are allegorical. 

Sort of off topic: Why do Christian crybabies use censorship to defend their moronic death cult? I think it's because they're desperate. They know their disgusting cult is dying. They know everyone laughs at their breathtaking stupidity.


As science has continued to show that literal religious claims are wrong, the religious have two choices: Abandon their idiotic and factless delusions, or weasel into a position of claiming that 'it's not literal', as if that is in any way better. How does one work out what is allegorical and what isn't ? Madness.

"It is difficult to free [slaves] from the chains they revere." – Voltaire


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