Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Christian crybaby got this Yahoo answer deleted. Fuck off Christian scum.

Jean wrote "We believe the world did not come about by the force of magic."

Jean, you don't get it. Not believing in bullsh!t is not a belief.

Also, Jean, you should not use the word "WE" because you speak only for yourself and other fake atheists.

Real atheists do not believe in anything because belief is not required for the basic facts of reality. Real atheists demand strong testable evidence for every idea. If the idea does not pass this test the idea is throw out.

Beliefs are for cowardly morons who are willing to believe any bullsh!t if it makes them feel good.

"At this point i dont really know if there is a God or not."

You need to make a decision. "Mr. God" is a fantasy about a magical being who hides somewhere in the universe. Magical beings are not real because magic is not real.

You need to answer this question: Is magic real or not? If you can't figure that out then enjoy your wasted life. I prefer to face facts. Magic is bullsh!t. Magic is not real.

This is not rocket science. Any unbrainwashed child can figure it out. Magic is not real. Period.

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