Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Is evolution evidence for or against God's existence?"

"Is evolution evidence for or against God's existence?" 

This answer will make cowardly god-soaked morons cry but most definitely Mr. Darwin killed the magic god fairy. A quote from a movie about Darwin: "You killed God sir. You have killed God." 

"Darwin was the first to use data from nature to convince people that evolution is true, and his idea of natural selection was truly novel. It testifies to his genius that the concept of natural theology, accepted by most educated Westerners before 1859, was vanquished within only a few years by a single five-hundred-page book. On the Origin of Species turned the mysteries of life's diversity from mythology into genuine science." 
-- Jerry Coyne 

Darwin and the thousands of biologists who came after Darwin have repeatedly shown that a magic god fairy had absolutely nothing to do with the development of new species. And if something as complicated as that doesn't require any supernatural magic, it's fair to say the magic fairy was not necessary for anything else. 

"Someone designed nature to adapt to survive." 

What kind of magic wand did your supernatural "Someone" use? 

Natural processes don't need magical beings. Please try to remember this is the 21st century and not the Dark Ages.

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