Sunday, March 30, 2014

Is there any way to convince a creationist of evolution and the age of the earth?

"What about regular young earth creationists, what would convince them?" 

The typical creationist is an uneducated moron who either never graduated from high school, or somehow got thru it without learning anything about science. We are talking about some real burning stupid. 

The rare exceptions have something virtually all Christians don't have. They have just a little bit of curiosity. They get interested in something and then they research it. If they do this for evolution, if they find out how evolution works and if they find out there's more evidence for it then they imagined possible, then they are on their way to growing up and facing facts. 

You can't help these people. They have to figure things out on their own and they have to want to do this. 

Ameteurgeek wrote "Also an 'ex-YEC' I'm now atheist. I simply went looking for the answers myself." 

He is exactly what I was writing about. He "went looking for the answers". Nobody helped him. That's the only way it works. A creationist has to want to do some research and then actually do it. 

Then we have Steve who wrote "Creation is the only logical answer that fits the available evidence." 

That's the burning stupid that can't be fixed. Steve believes in magic and Steve will always believe in magic because Steve is an uneducated moron.

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