Saturday, March 29, 2014

Stupid question: "Atheist, do you ever think that you may be wrong?"

"Atheist, do you ever think that you may be wrong?" 

I might be wrong about a stock market investment. 

However I'm 100% certain the Earth is not flat, the Earth orbits the Sun, the Easter Bunny is not real, and magic god fairies are not real. I'm also 100% certain every religion ever invented, especially the Christian Death Cult, is ridiculous bullsh!t. 

God equals magic. Magic is not real. Any child could figure that out. It's called reality. 

And anyone who says they might be wrong about magical beings not existing, they are not atheists. These people are called "Idiots". 

One more thing: There is this concept called "evidence". Christians don't know what evidence is. They prefer faith which is the process of believing anything that makes them feel good no matter how ridiculous and idiotic and childish the fantasy is. Faith is a mental illness and it's usually incurable. 

Tammy wrote "I may be wrong about gods." 

Do some people say they might be wrong about Easter Bunnies? Of course not. Apparently Tammy thinks supernatural magicians are more likely than magical rabbits. Tammy is not an atheist. Tammy is an idiot.

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