Saturday, March 8, 2014

Is the Christian fundamentalist demonization of science borne of ignorance or ingratitude?

You totally understand the many things wrong with Christians. 

"Do they realise that science has improved their lives in every conceivable way and yet still choose to spit on it anyway while benefiting from the fruits of the scientist's labour or are they just purely ignorant of everything that science has done for them?" 

Christians don't realize anything. They have been trained since age two to not think. And of course they know nothing about science. They have been trained to hate and fear science. They think trying to understand science or studying science is a one-way ticket to their ridiculous magical hell fantasy. 

"To attack evolution is to attack all science. To suggest otherwise and portray evolution as a pseudo-science is being dishonest, and knowingly so too." 

Evolution is the most important fact of science because it's about all life including the human ape species. And this is why Christians fear evolution. Evolution destroys their religion and they know it. To solve this problem Christians either deny the whole thing (even though the evidence is beyond overwhelming and growing every day), or even worse they invoke their Magic Jeebus Man to invent or guide or use evolution which is a ridiculous pollution of science. 

The only possible solution is the complete eradication of the moronic Christian Death Cult. To achieve this goal is to make competent science education, especially evolutionary biology, mandatory for all American students starting at age six, including students at religious schools where they must be forced to hire atheist (aka competent) science teachers. As students become scientifically literate they will on their own be able to throw out the death cult they are being brainwashed to believe by their idiot parents.

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