Saturday, March 15, 2014

I answered a question.

Jimmy C, you wrote totally great story.

I had a sort of similar experience with a huge gorilla at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo (which by the way is completely free). Thick glass separated me from the gorilla who was sitting on a stool not more than one foot from me. The gorilla waited until I looked at my friends to talk to them. Then he got up and threw his entire weight right at me just as I was about to look at him again. In the one second I had to think I completely forgot about the thick glass and jumped back in horror.

Like you I could not hear this creature laughing but most certainly it was laughing because the practical joke he played on me required intelligence and planning and his execution of the joke was perfect. I shook my finger at the bad gorilla which made him laugh some more.

We share an ancestor with these incredible apes and also we are apes.

The religious implications: Christianity is total nonsense.

I was by the way already an atheist thanks to a girl friend who asked me "Why do you go to church?" The question shocked me and I couldn't answer it. Not much later I threw the ridiculous god fairy fantasy out the window.

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