Saturday, December 28, 2013

The reasons why I wrote the Darwin Killed God blog

This blog was born three years ago on December 4, 2010 and it now has 1,711 posts. Why the heck did I waste so much time writing this thing? Obviously I have too much time on my hands but there are other reasons for this blog.

I live in an idiot country (America) where it seems like virtually everyone is a god-soaked evolution denier. I think that's ridiculous but interesting. How can so many millions of people be so completely wrong about the strongest, most important, and most interesting fact of science? To answer this question I wrote this blog.

I have a few ideas:

1. Religion causes great harm to the idiots who believe in it.

2. Religion causes great harm to everyone else. Just ask the victims of the 9/11 religious atrocities who had to choose between being burned alive or exploding into a red mist after jumping out of the 100th floor. Or you can ask the millions of high school students who never learned anything about evolution because their cowardly biology teachers threw out the foundation of biology to avoid harassment from Christian assholes.

3. Religious indoctrination (aka brainwashing) is child abuse.

4. How evolution works and the evidence for evolution is extremely interesting. The god-soaked science deniers don't know what they're missing.

5. The evidence for evolution is more powerful than Darwin could have imagined possible.

6. The religious implications of evolution are obvious. Darwin really did kill the idiotic god fantasy because he showed the god fairy's magic wand was not necessary for anything.

These are the ideas I wrote about. I'm hoping that people who prefer supernatural magic instead of scientific facts study this blog (and the many other websites I recommended) to find out why they're wrong about everything. A good place to start would be the first post I wrote on December 4, 2010 at If there's anything that might make Christians understand why denying evolution is a waste of a life, it is this speech by Ken Miller.

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