Sunday, December 15, 2013

All Muslims are stupid assholes. They shouldn't be allowed in civilized countries. Read this story about a 14 year old girl in America. Her Muslim parents are lunatics who belong in prison, and this is probably a typical Muslim family.

So i'm a teenage girl, and I was born in a muslim family. I have doubted this religion since I first became a teenager. (I'm only 14 right now, btw) but anyways, I doubted it because I hated the strict rules from my parents. (No non muslim friends, no going out unless parents/adult family members are with you, no dressing how I want, etc.) I felt stupid because I doubted the religious for those reasons so I read alot of the quran and did a lot research but I honestly can't force myself to believe in it. I go to a muslim school bc my mom found out I had guy friends, but she didn't tell my dad because he would beat me and most likely go to jail. I love my dad, he's really kind hearted unless it's about religion. My mom though, is ******* crazy. She tells me she hates me every single day just because she found out I had guy friends. I hate her, herself and her bullshit stress me out. I'm depressed but i'm not going to go in detail about that bc I know i'll get called a attention whore

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