Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Idiot America's Christian assholes and their never ending war against science education

We are now well into the 21st century and Christian assholes are still trying to force biology teachers to give equal time for magical religious fantasies in public school science classrooms.

What if they get away with it despite their record of being defeated in court 100% of the time?

The country's biology teachers would either quit their jobs or refuse to cooperate, except of course the incompetent god-soaked biology teachers who should have been fired a long time ago.

Biology teacher: "Today's lesson is not about science. Your state government requires me to give equal time for magic. Here it is: 6,000 years ago a god fairy waved its magic wand to instantly create out of nothing countless trillions of solar systems. And the fairy gave this solar system some extreme magical treatment. For the Earth only it magically created out of nothing every creature that ever lived. Any questions?"

Idiot America has 50 idiot states. Our most idiotic state is called Texas which is some land we stole from Mexico. In Texas the idiocy is completely out of control. There are 3 politicians currently competing for the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor (which is the 2nd highest office in a state). All three of these Christian assholes want to dumb down science education to accommodate their Magic Jeebus Man.

Christian scum have completely destroyed America's Republican Party. Thanks to these theocratic assholes "Republican" has become another word for "Retard".

Another interesting thing about Idiot Texas: Texas law requires "a moment of silence" in Texas public schools. This is what Christian theocrats were able to get away with. They would have preferred mandatory praying to Jeebus. What that got was a moment of time wasted so the idiot students could pray silently to Jeebus. The stupid, it burns.

GOP Candidates for Texas Lieutenant Governor Advocate Teaching Creationism in Public Schools

During a debate in Waco on Thursday, candidates for the Republican nomination for Texas lieutenant governor said they support teaching biblical creationism in the state’s public schools. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that teaching creationism in public school science classrooms violates the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Incumbent Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and two of his Republican primary opponents, Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples and state Sen. Dan Patrick, called for teaching creationism in public schools.The Dallas Morning News reports that Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson also voiced his support, but theTexas Tribune reports Patterson didn’t specifically call for teaching creationism in public schools. However, the Tribune says Patterson insisted that the Constitution doesn’t protect separation of church and state.

The Texas Tribune directly quotes three of the candidates on the issues of creationism and religion in public schools.
“I believe that in fairness we need to expose students to both sides of this. That’s why I’ve supported including in our textbooks the discussion of the biblical account of life and creation, and I understand there are a lot of people who disagree with me, and believe in evolution.”
“Our students … must really be confused. They go to Sunday School on Sunday and then they go into school on Monday and we tell them they can’t talk about God. I’m sick and tired of a minority in our country who want us to turn our back on God.”
“Show me where [separation of church and state] is in the Constitution, because it’s not in the Constitution. I see nothing wrong with standing up at least for a moment of silence, let those who wish to pray pray in their own faith. I see nothing wrong with having a prayer before a high school football game.”
Texas law already calls for a moment of silence in Texas public schools.
The Dallas Morning News directly quotes Staples on creationism:
“As a Christian, certainly creationism should be taught.”

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