Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our disabled GULO genes are powerful evidence for evolution.

Human apes have the genes (they are called GULO genes) that manufacture the vitamin C we need to stay alive. But mutations have made those genes useless. How did this happen? Our ancestors who lived about 60 million years ago had plenty of fruit to eat which gave them more than enough vitamin C. So when mutations made those genes worthless, our ancestors did not drop dead, and those defective genes were passed on to future generations, including us, and including all other species on this branch of the tree of life, our ape and monkey cousins.

Interesting fact: The GULO genes of the other ape species and the monkey species have many of the same mutations we have. This is of course extremely powerful evidence for the idea we share a common ancestor with these other primates, the ancestor who lived 60 million years ago when it lost the ability to make vitamin C.

This interesting story is brilliantly explained by Carl Zimmer in today's December 10, 2013 New York Times at Vitamins’ Old, Old Edge.

This is simple stuff, very easy to understand how powerful this evidence for evolution is. So why is Idiot America still infested with more than 100 million evolution deniers? I mean besides the fact most Americans are god-soaked morons.

To accommodate our science deniers we have professional assholes who lie about science. For example there is the Christian Creationist Discovery Institute, also known as Crackpot Central. One of the fucktard liars who works there is Jonathan Wells who of course wrote some bullshit about our disabled GULO genes. He knows he's a liar but he also knows his moronic customers never check facts. They are happy to use any excuse to live in their Dark Ages, and Mr. Wells gives them that excuse.

Wells wrote about this stuff at INTELLIGENT DESIGN NEWS. "Intelligent design" are the code words Christian assholes use when they really mean "magically created out of nothing when a god fairy waved its magic wand", but they never talk about the magic they believe in because the word magic doesn't sound very scientific.

Wells in his article about GULO genes never once wrote about how why those genes became disabled, and he never said anything about the same mutations appearing in our ape and monkey cousins. What he wrote is bullshit that sounds scientific enough for the Christian customers who never bother to understand any of it. Wells of course has never made a scientific discovery in his worthless disgusting life.

There are tons of these evidences for evolution, more massive and more powerful than Mr. Darwin could have imagined possible. The 21st century is a wonderful place. The Christian fucktards and Muslim terrorists who prefer the 11th century don't know what they're missing.

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