Sunday, August 18, 2013

This blog has more than 100 posts about the evidence for evolution.

I love evolution. I love how it works. And I love the evidence for it. I love how biologists are constantly making predictions which must be correct or else evolution is wrong. Always the predictions are spectacularly correct in extreme detail. A good example is described at my post Human chromosome 2 and chimpanzee chromosomes 2p & 2q.

I can't imagine anything more interesting than the four billion year history of life. The science deniers (also known as Christian retards and Muslim terrorists) don't know what they're missing.

Here's another example of my evolution evidence posts which includes information from one of the best museums in the world at A whole bunch of fucking evidence for evolution.

An interesting thing about Idiot America where I live are the millions of evolution deniers who infest this country. Their breathtaking insanity is almost as interesting as the science they can't understand.

More than once I have worked at a place where I was the only person in my group of about a dozen people who was not an evolution denier. Their stupidity burns.

The reasons for this problem is America's science education sucks and the Christian death cult makes idiots even more stupid.

Christians are brainwashed starting at age two to believe people are completely separate from the rest of nature. They believe there are animals and there are people, as if human apes are not animals. The brainwashing is intense and most of the victims never recover from it. The brain damage is incurable before the victims learn anything about science.

America's science education is a disgrace. Of course there are some excellent biology teachers but they are a minority. Most students get stuck with a teacher who knows nothing about evolution or are so intimidated by Christian assholes they just throw out evolution to avoid the harassment and threats.

I never met a Christian who wasn't a stupid fucking asshole and they're everywhere in Idiot America.

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