Monday, August 19, 2013

Christian scum and Muslim terrorists must be terrified of reality to believe the magical heaven bullshit.

Christians and Muslims have to be gullible, stupid, insane, and most important of all they have to be cowards.

In Idiot America where I live it seems like almost everyone believes their magical soul will magically fly to a magical paradise after they drop dead. I live in a nation infested with cowardly gullible morons.

They never consider what made the 9/11 religious atrocities possible. Those Muslim assholes would never have destroyed New York City's two tallest buildings if not for their magical heaven fantasy. Our Christian cowards don't care. They will not throw out their heaven fantasy for anything.

Imagine being stupid enough to believe in the heaven bullshit. Personally I can't imagine it. I mean how can these people call themselves human if they have a brain equal to monkeys? Actually monkeys are way more intelligent than our Christian retards. I never met any non-human who believed in magical bullshit.

All Muslims believe in their magical paradise. And if they blow themselves up they believe they get in a very special place there. And if they fly an airplane into a building they get to sit next to the Allah Fairy.

If you believe in heaven please do the world a favor and go there now. Jump off a cliff or blow yourself up, I don't care. Just get off my planet.

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