Monday, August 19, 2013

The Christian Death Cult will go extinct eventually because bullshit can't last forever.

Zeus went extinct because he was a bullshit fantasy.

For the same reason all 21st century religions will go extinct eventually.

There are not any Christian fantasies less ridiculous than Zeus. The whole thing is 100% pure bullshit. The magic jeebus man, the magical heaven fantasy, the magical resurrection of jeebus into a zombie, it's all bullshit. How anyone can still believe any of it is amazing, but perhaps not so amazing when considering the incurable stupidity of Christian scum.

The jewish cult is a special case because for some reason when jews throw out their religious fantasies many of them still call themselves jews. It's like a club for assholes.

The Muslim Death Cult is a very special case. Muslim scum are responsible for virtually all 21st century violence. And it's out of control with for example the religious civil war in Syria. In Egypt their army is trying to destroy the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Organization. I wish them luck because the army is saving that country.

I imagine there could be thousands or millions of atheists who were Muslims. They keep quiet about it because they could be murdered by Muslim lunatics. A brainwashed Muslim child in the Middle East could grow up thinking all Muslims never throw out the bullshit because ex-Muslim atheists don't want to be killed and so they never announce they threw Islam out. And this is why Islam will be the last religion to get thrown in the garbage where it belongs.

Islam has to go. We can't let fucking idiots who fly airplanes into buildings and blow themselves up every single day to live on this planet. They have to be eradicated.

Thank you Mr. Charles Darwin for killing the idiotic god fantasy. Now we have to wait for the world's retards to get the memo.

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