Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The incurable disease

This post is about American Christians.

I'm not going to waste my time writing about Muslim scum because they are not humans. They pray to Allah five times a day, the women dress like idiots, they blow themselves up, fly airplanes into buildings, cut off heads, bury women up to their necks and then throw rocks at their head, throw acid into the eyes of little girls, and now they're using poisonous gas to murder babies. Muslims have long ago lost their right to live on this planet. If you're interested in these subhumans you can visit

Many American Christians are not very religious. They go to church only a few times a year. They never read their bible. They never pray. They're only a little bit insane.

Unfortunately millions of American Christians are batshit crazy. They pray almost as often as the Muslim scum. They have read their moronic bible several times and they can find anything they want in that disgusting book almost instantly. 

Of course they are evolution deniers. They believe (and I'm not making this up, I'm not exaggerating) the entire universe (including trillions of galaxies and every creature on Earth) was magically created out of nothing 6,000 years ago. One Christian fucktard told me the entire universe is 20,000 years old, as if I was suppose to be impressed by his figuring out 6,000 years is a bit too extreme.

These Christian extremists (there really are millions of them in Idiot America) deny evolution, they deny global warming, and they deny humans are responsible for the extinction of species. They teach their children to not trust their biology teachers. They teach their children to be stupid.

When Christians are not brainwashing their children they are harassing and threatening their children's science teachers. I'm not making this up. If you're interested in this disgusting problem please see These cowardly Christian assholes harassed, threatened, and yelled at an elderly female biology teacher.

For these totally insane Christians religion is a major part of their lives. They constantly talk about their bible which they believe is the "Word of God" or "The Word". Their "Word of God" is why they will never escape from the everything-is-magic fantasy world they live in.

These extremely stupid people think there are miracles every day. One Christian couple told me about people in a car who drove across a bridge that for some reason (I forget the details of the story) was missing the last 50 yards or something like that. But instead of the car falling into the river below the broken bridge the car magically flew to the other side safely landing on the road across the river. They were not joking. They really believed this magical bullshit and they called it a miracle. I was trying to be nice so I didn't say "Are you fucking insane?" but it would not have done any good to say that because these Christian nutjobs really believed it.

These Christians are victims of intense religious indoctrination and their children (and all future and past generations) have the same experience which is relentless brainwashing starting at age two. When these victims are students in a biology class their brain damage prevents them from learning anything about evolution.

Fortunately, partly thanks to the internet, some of these victims are eventually able to figure out their parents are idiots but usually the children's brain damage is incurable.

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