Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Army and Police of Egypt are killing Muslim fucktards and that's a good thing.

Egyptian security forces pictured clearing out the protest camps, August 14, 2013
After the Egyptian Army threw out Islamist president Mohamed Morsi (are there any Muslim fucktards who don't have the name Mohamed?) his theocratic Muslim friends camped out in Cairo where they could get in the way of everything. The Army decided to remove them forcibly, which meant they had to murder some of the assholes and I think that's wonderful.

Morsi was trying to make Egypt a theocracy. In other words he was trying to completely destroy Egypt. The Army saved Egypt when they threw him out.

I've been watching these assholes on TV. They have beards and they pray to Allah a lot. The women wear the usual Muslim cover-up-everything clothes which is probably a good idea for them because they look like dogs.

Everywhere Muslim scum (and Christian scum) stick their god fairy something gets destroyed, including entire countries. Religious assholes cause virtually all the world's problems and when they are killed that can only be a good thing.

Pro-Morsi protesters torch three churches after comrades were killed as police broke up camps in Cairo

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