Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Christian assholes are constantly spreading lies about Charles Darwin to defend their insane magical creation out of nothing fantasy.

I never met a Christian who wasn't a fucktard. They are constantly lying about everything. Apparently Christian assholes think they have to be dishonest to defend their Dark Ages fantasies in the 21st century. Their death cult is going extinct and they know it.

A fucking moron dishonestly wrote "This is why the whole 'we evolved from apes' statement became such an embarrassment. Scientists (even Darwin himself who originally stated it) knew we probably didn't evolve from apes."

What the fuck is this retard talking about? Every educated person in the world knows everything the fucking idiot wrote is completely wrong. Darwin correctly predicated human apes evolved from ancient apes in Africa, and he never changed his mind about any of it. These are basic facts of science which have been repeatedly shown to be correct from fossils and DNA sequencing. And this asshole says scientists have thrown this fact out. As if scientists are science deniers. How fucking stupid can you Christian scum get.

This dishonesty is typical for Christians. Virtually all of them are liars. The rare Christians who don't lie about everything should be more angry about this out of control dishonesty than anyone else because it's their religion which is being disgraced, but it seems like they never complain, which makes them part of the problem.

If you're a Christian asshole (you're all assholes) fuck off and die you stupid fucking piece of crap.

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