Sunday, August 5, 2018

If anyone needs to be killed it's the fucktard dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

Thanks to this stupid fucking asshole there is no food to eat in Venezuela. Socialism doesn't work.

BBC News has a video of when drones were used to kill the stupid fucking asshole. They missed the fucktard but I hope they will try again.

BBC News - Venezuela 'drone attack': Six arrests made

Six people have been arrested in Venezuela for involvement in an apparent assassination attempt on President Nicolás Maduro, the interior minister says.

Néstor Reverol said they were part of a group that loaded two drones with explosives and set them off during a military parade in the capital Caracas.

Mr Maduro has warned the perpetrators face "maximum punishment".

He has blamed Colombia for the incident but provided no evidence.

Colombia said the accusation was "baseless".

The government has also pointed the finger at the opposition, prompting fears of a new crackdown.

Many opposition leaders have already left the country citing government harassment and there are reported to be more than 200 political prisoners in the country's jails.

Venezuela's leader Nicolás Maduro divides opinion

Venezuela crisis: How did we get here?

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