Thursday, February 8, 2018

This is what I wrote at the Wall Street Journal. It's about censorship and zero freedom of religion in China.

Wall Street Journal - Who Made Xi Jinping Pope? A Vatican-China deal is imminent. Millions of Chinese Catholics should be afraid.

"Xi Jinping, an atheist and hard-line communist" However China has thrown out the communist economic system because it doesn't work. China is a capitalist country these days. Unfortunately it's not a democracy.

Xi Jinping is doing what he has to do to defend his dictatorship. That means censorship of the internet and attacking religious people. Here in America there is no censorship and we have freedom of religion. The government has to stay out of it.

Atheism is an acceptance of reality and that's a good thing. Xi Jinping disgraces atheism. He has my contempt.

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