Sunday, May 14, 2017

Creationists, aka uneducated morons, ask a lot of dumb questions even though they're not interested in the answers. The stupid, it burns.

"the whole creation vs evolution debate"
I see this a lot and it's totally wrong. There is no debate. Evolution is the strongest fact of science. Magical creationism is the most childish idiotic fantasy ever invented and of course it has not one shred of evidence.
So please stop pretending there is some debate because that's not true.
"Has anyone ever actually observed abiogenesis?"
That's like asking did anyone live 4 Billion years ago. We know it was a natural process and we have ideas for how it happened. Also this is a different branch of science and it has nothing to do with evolution.
You used the ridiculous word "evolutionists". Biologists are called "biologists", not "evolutionists".
"expected range that things will evolve?"
That would be predicting the future. All we know is evolution by natural selection will continue forever.
"ideology" I never heard a biologist call it that. Evolution is a scientific fact. Period.
"skeptical of evolution"
Obviously you need to educate yourself. Being skeptical of evolution is equal to being a flat-earther.
Google evolution evidence. Spend 50 years studying it. It would take you that long to study all the evidence. You science deniers have no idea how much science you have to throw out to believe in your moronic magical creationism.

UPDATE: Less than 5 minutes after I wrote this stuff it was censored. Idiot America will always be infested with idiots.

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