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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

At lichess.org there is a conversation about President Trump. This is what I wrote when someone said Trump required permission for his attack against Syria.

From the New York Times: Obama asked Congress to authorize a punitive strike against Syria, even as he insisted that he had “the authority to carry out this military action without specific congressional authorization.”

Obama asked for Congress to OK it because he was looking for an excuse to not do it even though poison gas was used to murder babies. Obama knew he didn't require permission from anyone because it would have been a brief attack, not starting a war.

I stand by what I wrote sir, Obama was a wimp.

The link:

The New York Times is a very liberal newspaper. They loved Obama. Trump makes them cry. But still they admitted Obama knew as Commander and Chief of the United States Armed Forces he did not require permission from anyone to punish the Syrian dictatorship for murdering babies.

I saw on BBC News the desperate doctors trying to comfort the dying babies who were suffering greatly before they died.

Even though I am a Republican I stood by my president (Obama) when he said he would destroy the entire Syrian air force. I was very surprised and disappointed when he made the wimpy decision to do nothing.

Thank goodness Mr. Trump got the job despite the odds.

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