Tuesday, June 2, 2015

At the Wall Street Journal I compared America's Christian scum to the Islamic State.

The more religious people are the more insane they are. The Islamic State is a good example.
America's Christians don't cut off heads and they don't blow themselves up, but they share many fantasies with the Islamic State, especially the Bible thumpers. They share a belief that an ancient book of fiction is the word of a magical being (god, allah). They also share a love for brainwashing children (also known as child abuse), a desire to suppress the teaching of evolution, and both American Christians and the Islamic State share the exact same cowardly magical heaven fantasy that makes terrorism possible.
My point is how can we tell the terrorists they're insane when most of our population has the same mental illness.
Islamic State Advances Further Into Syria’s Aleppo Province. The militants are just 7 miles from main highway connecting Aleppo to Turkish border.

Incredibly the Wall Street Journal deleted my comment. I wrote another comment, hoping it gets passed the cowardly censors.

In Mosul, Iraq the Islamic State has banned the teaching of evolution. Christians have been trying to do the same thing here in America. It's interesting that most Americans have so much in common with terrorists, including a war against science education, brainwashing of children, and the magical heaven fantasy that makes terrorism possible.

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