Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A god-soaked pro-science blog has tons & tons of well explained evidence for evolution.

Some of countless links to the evidence for evolution on his blog:

The Evidence for Common Descent from Molecular Genetics (including human chromosome 2)

ERV's: The Genomic Evidence for Common Descent: 5. Endogenous Retroviral Elements

Tons more DNA evidence, fossil evidence, and everything else. This is best evidence-for-evolution website with best easy to understand explanations I have seen.

The blog also, for some strange reason, believes in the ridiculous god fantasy. The blog does not allow comments but I can tweet the owner.

From the blog I provided links to I saw a link to a book, and at Amazon I wrote a comment at

Very good what you wrote.

"science's track record suggests that natural explanations of things currently unexplained will one day be forthcoming."

Exactly right. What I get out of this is a magical being (god, allah, etc.) was never necessary for anything therefore it isn't real. The people who deny this obvious truth (god not necessary) have some kind of mental problem in my opinion. They don't want to grow up and face facts.

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