Thursday, October 2, 2014

"What caused you to be so against religion?"

"What caused you to be so against religion?"
First of all it's wrong. Jeebus magically rising from the dead. A magical being magically creating stuff out of nothing. A magical soul that magically flies to a magical paradise.
And every other ridiculous magical fantasy is just plain wrong. Actually it's a lot more than wrong. It's totally insane. Religion is terrible mental illness and it causes great harm to the believers and everyone else, especially the children who are being brainwashed and who are being taught that being stupid and uneducated is a virtue.
September 11, 2001: Totally impossible without the moronic cowardly magical-heaven fantasy that all religions require to exist.
And I can't stress the word "cowardly" strongly enough. People believe in ridiculous things like heaven because reality makes them cry.
The brainwashing, aka child abuse, the burning stupidity, the never ending violence, the ruined lives, the war against scientists and science education, it's disgusting.
To be religious requires having zero moral values. The god-soaked have my contempt.

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