Saturday, October 4, 2014

At another website I created a thread about evolution deniers. 10 day later at comment 715 I wrote this comment.

10 days ago, comment one: "It's difficult for me to understand how a person could read this quote from a 42 page article from the Encyclopedia Britannica and still be an evolution denier."
The evolution deniers have a lot of problems. For example they know nothing about the science they don't like, and they go out of their way to never know anything.
Evolution deniers like to copy and paste lies about evolution. They never check the accuracy of these lies. They just copy and paste. Sometimes they don't even bother to read what they're copying and pasting. They figure if it's against the science they don't like then it must be right.
Let's for a moment throw out all common sense and let's throw out two centuries of scientific progress and pretend their lies about evolution are correct. Now what?
The science deniers say if evolution is wrong then their childish magical fantasies are true.
But that doesn't work. Just because one idea is wrong doesn't mean another idea is right.
The evolution deniers have to provide evidence for their idea. They can't pretend evidence against another idea makes their idea correct.
Let's take a look at their idea. What is it? It most certainly is not science. Their idea is magical, as in Harry Potter magic. Their idea is a belief. Belief is required for ridiculous ideas that couldn't possibly have any real scientific evidence.
Again to help dense people understand: If evolution by natural selection is wrong that doesn't mean a magical alternative is correct. The magic people need to provide evidence for their magic.
They can't say "Creatures are too complex for evolution therefore magic is true."
You evolution deniers have to demonstrate that magic works. You need to test your magic just like scientists test evolution.
How can they test magic? It's impossible. They have nothing.
My point is the evolution deniers need to grow up, educate themselves, and face facts.

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