Sunday, October 12, 2014

I waste my time trying to help an idiot understand reality.

    Yes, I am aware of your disease. There's a cure for it. It's called "Growing up, educating yourself, and facing facts." Unfortunately in your case I don't think the brain damage is curable.
    This is interesting and original: "Sin-soaked atheist"
    As if not believing in childish fantasies makes a person evil.
    Your word "sin", by the way, is never used by normal people. "Sin" is something about disobeying an imaginary magical being. It's a religious word that does not belong in the 21st century.
  • The human race is an ape species. We are apes who developed from ancient apes, the same ancient apes chimpanzees developed from. The overwhelming evidence is in our DNA and the DNA of chimps. Understanding this stuff requires a brain and a willingness to use that brain. Normal people, if they want to understand, use Google to look things up. The god-soaked apparently think using Google is a "Sin".
    A big difference between you and me is I have curiosity. Your brainwashers destroyed your curiosity so you are not interesting in learning anything. If i was an evolution denier, I would be curious about something. I would ask myself "I am denying science that virtually every biologist in the world loves and calls a fact. Can that many people be liars and/or incompetent? Maybe I should find out why biologists repeatedly say the evidence for evolution is overwhelming." So I look things up, try to educate myself.
    Perhaps this why some people figure out what's true and what's bullsh!t, while other people waste their entire lives being completely wrong about everything.

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