Saturday, October 11, 2014

A fucktard said was dishonest.

  • "Nobody goes from basic training to the Pentagon, except maybe officers from service Academies, or if your dad is a 4 star General."
    Why the heck not? When I was drafted I was a computer programmer analyst. I worked for a large corporation in downtown Chicago. The Army needed a team of computer software people. After basic training I was ordered to go to Fort Huachuca in Arizona. Not long after arriving I and many other soldiers like me were interviewed by officers. They were impressed by my experience and within two months, after getting a security clearance, I was working in a Virginia office building and testing the code at the Pentagon where the large mainframe computer was. I would sometimes go to the Pentagon in the middle of the night to fix some problems with the software. I remember walking outside in the middle of the Pentagon where there was only me and a thousands birds.
    I don't make things up. Unlike Christians I have moral values. There is nothing more important to me than being honest. My reputation has always depended on it.
    By the way I eventually moved into an extremely nice apartment with a large swimming pool and lots of parties. The Army was fantastic for me. They sent me to classes to learn more stuff which was useful when I went back to my old job In Chicago.
    Other soldiers including my brother got sent to Nam. Some people get lucky. I was one of those rare people. I met one soldier who said he was sent to Hawaii which was even better than the Washington DC area.
    One weekend my parents visited me. I gave them a tour of the Pentagon. My father who was a flight engineer and mechanic for Navy warplanes, and who spent 20 years in the Navy, was totally impressed when we visited the Navy section of the Pentagon. I'm sure he never imagined me working there after I got drafted, and neither did I imagine it.
    What made a difference was my experience and the Army's need for that experience. I repeat, I don't make things up, and it's a bit annoying when people assume I'm being dishonest when they have zero evidence for it.

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