Monday, October 6, 2014

Atheists in Europe, incompetent American biology teachers, cheeseburgers, and hernias.

This is from a link somebody here provided:

Statistical problems

Statistics on atheism are often difficult to represent accurately for a variety of reasons. Atheism is a position compatible with other forms of identity. Some atheists also consider themselves Agnostic,BuddhistHinduJainsTaoist, or hold other related philosophical beliefs. Some, like Secular Jews and Shintoists, may indulge in some religious activities as a way of connecting with their culture, all the while being atheist. Therefore, given limited poll options, some may use other terms to describe their identity. Some politically motivated organizations that report or gather population statistics may, intentionally or unintentionally, misrepresent atheists.
Atheists unfortunately call themselves other names that are virtually identical to atheist. This is a big problem for making polls accurate.
What I keep hearing repeatedly: "The churches in Europe are empty."
Everything else I hear about Europe backs up this empty European churches thing.
America is next. We have to catch up to Europe. It will take us longer because we have serious education problems here. For example 72% of American biology teachers are not qualified to teach the foundation of biology which is of course evolution. It's too bad because evolution is what makes science so interesting.
Another nice thing about evolution: It's a religion killer. One of my favorite quotes (and please notice this quote was written by someone else):
"Evolution, ruining the fantasies of retards since 1859."
We need to fire all the incompetent biology teachers. A good place to start would be to throw all the Christian teachers out the window.
By the way I prefer the larger font size because it's easier on an old person's eyes.
An interesting thing about being old. After recently getting hernia surgery I woke up with an extreme pain in my right shoulder. I saw a doctor this morning. He said it was arthritis. He is fixing the problem. I asked will I be able to go swimming again. Fortunately he said yes, but hold off on it for a few weeks.
Thank goodness for Medicare. The taxpayers pay for 80% of the medical bill. Thanks taxpayers. Also thank goodness for Social Security. The taxpayers are paying the rent and paying for the groceries, including triple cheeseburgers from "Five Guys". Thanks taxpayers.
Interesting fact: Five Guys makes the best cheeseburgers in America.
Another interesting fact: Why do male human apes (but usually not the lady apes) often get hernias? Evolution explains it perfectly. How? You can look it up because I'm too lazy to do that right now. Google is your friend.
An idea I have: Since Google is "All-Knowing" why would anyone need an all-knowing god fairy?

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