Sunday, July 13, 2014

"Religious, if your god created human beings in his own image, in whose image were created primates? How do you explain the following facts?"

1. We share 98.7 percent of our DNA with chimpanzees. 
2. A type of chimpanzee, called a bonobo, occasionally move bipedally to carry objects or can be trained to walk on two feet. 
3. Gorrillas and chimpanzees can speak using sign language - they can build a vocabulary of over 1000 signs... They are able to say what they want or feel and answer simple questions. (Google Koko, Kanzi etc.) 
4. Chimpanzees, just like humans, wage war against one's own species over territory and commit murder. 
5. Like us, primates use tools to make life easier. We have plenty of examples to draw from, including chimpanzee termite "fishing," nut-cracking with stone tools, and the use of sticks to gather food by orangutans. 
6. Both humans and nonhuman primates learn from and teach friends and family new skills. Young primates learn from their mothers much in the same way children learn from their parents. 
7. Some primates can recognize themselves in mirrors, which means that they are self-aware. 
8. Like humans, primates also have culture. They pass down unique behaviors from one generation to the next. 
9. Primates act altruistically, express empathy and even mourn the loss of dead friends. Primates find ways to avoid and resolve conflicts - much like humans - through food sharing, mating and giving out favors. 
10. Scientists have observed very human-like sexual behavior between apes, especially bonobos. Chipanzees also engage in prostitution. Some female chimpanzees "sell" sex for food.

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