Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I try to explain natural selection for a Fucktard who knows nothing about it.

The Fucktard wrote:

Is it true that the chance of evolution as we know it is basically zero?
"The probability of events occurring which result in new species (mutations, natural selection and spontaneous generation). That probability is zero (when rounded off reasonably). It’s mathematically possible, but the expectation is so low we logically round it down to zero and state the event is never going to occur."
Your idea would be correct if evolution was chance but it's not chance. Natural selection selects what works. That is not chance and it's not random.

"Chance alone cannot explain the marvelous fit between individuals and their environment. And it doesn't. True, the raw materials for evolution--the variations between individuals--are indeed produced by chance mutations. These mutations occur willy-nilly, regardless of whether they are good or bad for the individual. But it is the filtering of that variation by natural selection that produces adaptations, and natural selection is manifestly not random. It is a powerful molding force, accumulating genes that have a greater chance of being passed on to others, and in so doing making individuals even better able to cope with their environment. It is, then, the unique combination of mutation and selection--chance and lawfulness--that tells us how organisms become adapted."
-- Jerry Coyne, University of Chicago biologist, author of Why Evolution is True

I clicked the link you recommended and I found this: "Why We’re Here - To discuss the Bible" You gave us a link to a Christian website. I prefer to get information about science from science websites instead of religious websites that deny basic science.

Your link: Liars for the MagicJeebus Man.

I don't debate because there is nothing to debate. Reality is not an opinion.

What I do is try to educate. But the student has to want to learn. Do you want to learn something? I doubt it. Your problem is your religious brainwashing has sucked out of you all the curiosity you were born with. You never wonder why. You have been taught to not think and so you never think.

You're a victim. Your brainwashers are child abusers. Some victims have what it takes to grow up, educate themselves, and face facts. I'm betting you don't have what it takes but you're welcome to prove I'm wrong.

One more thing. We are apes who evolved from ancient apes, as did our closest cousins, the chimpanzee apes. This is scientific fact. I would like to show you an excellent summary of one of the most powerful evidences for this basic fact of science. You won't understand any of it of course because you know nothing. But if you really do have some curiosity left in you, you could use google to look it up.

Many thanks to Atheist Anthony for this excellent summary of the extremely powerful evidence for our evolutionary relationship with the other ape species from human chromosome two and ERVs:

"Explain why your chromosome #2 is almost identical to chimpanzee chromosomes 2p and 2q fused end to end, with disabled telomeres in the centre, 2 sets of centromeres, and identical ERVs throughout? How else would you explain that?"
-- Atheist Anthony

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