Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More evidence for evolution.

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Because they mindlessly believe in ancient Hebrew myth. They also display an ignorance of evolution and basic science, and make idiotic arguments such as that made by @To Serve.

>>"By your logic. A Cloud is 99% water. A Watermelon is 98% water. Therefore we must assume that Clouds evolved from Watermelons."

And that same responder shows his abysmal ignorance about the evidence for evolution.

>"This is why it is called the Theory of Evolution. And if you truly apply the meaning of the word, you can't even call it a Theory. Because it can't be tested."

Evolution has been tested by various means ever since Darwin proposed his theory, and it has always come through with flying colors.

One test is performed every time a paleontologist digs in geologic strata--the results of which could falsify evolution if it is false and verify the creation model if it is true. The results, in fact, verify evolution and falsify the creation model.

Evolutionary theory would be falsified if any of the 5,000 present-day species of mammals, including human, or the 10,000 present-day species of birds were found in the fossil strata where they should not be found (for example, in the same strata with dinosaur fossils). No such finds have been made. But, according to the creationist flood "model" those species should be found in those strata.

Here are some other examples in which the theory of evolution has been tested
and passed with flying colors.

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