Friday, July 18, 2014

Question at Yahoo: atheists/anti-theists or whatever: what personality trait of the Christians annoy you the most (in general)?

Deleted Answer:

Their failure to grow up. The brainwashing, aka child abuse. Their ridiculous fear of scientific facts. They use their bible to insult people. Their total lack of any moral values. Their breathtaking stupidity.

Worst of all is the countless millions of evolution deniers who know absolutely nothing about the science that makes them cry. But still they have the nerve to pretend they know more about evolution than all the world's scientists. Of course these uneducated morons know nothing.

Equally disgusting are the Christians who pretend they accept evolution but always they pollute it with their magic jeebus man. Their fairy did not invent or use or guide evolution. Science does not need their Magic Man.

Their dishonesty is disgusting and their love for censorship is disgusting. Christians disgrace the human race.

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