Friday, July 4, 2014

Is evolution evidence for or against god?

Evolution makes the magic fairy unnecessary. New species can and have developed without the fairy's magic wand. If the fairy is not necessary for something as complex as that, then it's fair to say the fairy's magical powers are not necessary for anything else. 

Darwin killed God in 1859. Not everyone got the memo but the fairy is dead.

A dipshit wrote "Evidence something is unnecessary is not evidence it does not exist"

My reply:

Do you want to believe in a magic fairy who never had anything to do? The universe doesn't need a fairy for anything. So what's it there for? Nothing. It's fair to say the fairy is not real. And even without the science the fairy is the most childish fantasy ever invented.

"Is evolution evidence for or against god?" Out of 26 answers I wrote the only possible correct answer. This shows that this website is about 99% idiots. Even the fake atheists here are dipshits.

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