Saturday, March 31, 2018

What I wrote at the god-soaked Wall Street Journal about the moronic Christian death cult.

A few years ago I wondered how Christians could justify the resurrection of a decomposing corpse because after 3 days nothing is going to work.

So I looked it up and found something from the Catholic Church. Their idea was the corpse never decomposed at all.

In other words to justify a magical resurrection they invented more magic. How convenient that is. Just keep making stuff up.

Christianity completely depends on a magical resurrection being true even though it's impossible. The problem is reality can't be thrown out. Reality doesn't care if people don't like it.

The logical thing to do is just give up and admit Christianity is the most ridiculous cult ever invented. Then throw it in the garbage where it belongs.

Reality is a wonderful thing because it's interesting and because it's real.

Religious fantasies are boring not to mention disgusting. They are not real.

Science hard, hurts brain.

God easy, no think.

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