Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What I wrote at the WSJ about why the Christian death cult should be thrown out.

Your idea that evolution kills Christianity is correct. If Christians accept the established truth of evolution then they are admitting their dead preacher man was an uneducated idiot. If they deny the facts of evolution then they are admitting they're uneducated idiots. The disgusting Christian death cult obviously needs to be thrown out.
Unfortunately the idiot population is huge. For example at the WSJ we have crazy people repeatedly saying "He is Risen!" as if a decomposing corpse can become a zombie.
Then of course there are the numerous science deniers who are constantly trying to justify their god fairy's magical powers. Their idea goes like this: "I don't understand therefore magic."
Some of these idiots copy & paste anti-science nonsense from their favorite liars for Jeebus. They think there's a debate about reality. The stupid, it burns.
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