Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A cut & paste job: What somebody else wrote about the idiotic bible and the ridiculous Jeebus fantasy at the Wall Street Journal.

God has an important message for mankind, but fails to clearly deliver it
So, after waiting 200,000 years after modern humans evolved, God decides to deliver an important message to mankind.  You would think it is essential that all of the people on earth receive this vital message and that it is clear and unambiguous.  Let’s see how that worked out:
Jesus is sent to the earth, but he only interacts with a small tribe of Jews in the Middle East, leaving Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North America, and South America in the dark.
The message of Jesus doesn’t even reach all of these continents until 1500 years later.
Jesus did not write anything down so we can’t be sure of his real message.
Neither Jesus’s disciples nor anyone who directly witnessed Jesus’s mission wrote down anything (all of the apparent references to them are forgeries).
When someone finally started to document Jesus’s life, it is at least 40 years after he died and is based solely on hearsay, or what people seem to remember.
Even given that, we don’t have the originals of what these authors wrote, but only copies of copies of copies.
We have direct evidence that many errors were made in the copying process.
We have direct evidence that some stories were added to the originals, i.e. deliberate forgeries.
We have direct evidence that some of the translations from Hebrew to Greek to English were in error (this is how the Hebrew term for ‘young woman’ became a term in Greek implying a virgin)
We have multiple translations in English and other languages that over time modernized the terminology but also inserted subtle changes in meaning.
We have direct evidence that some of the most obviously fictional elements of the Bible were edited out in later editions, for example the reference to various monsters.
We have thousands of interpretations of scripture authored by holy men, religious experts, or lay persons, each with a different idea of the truth.
We have 40,000 denominations of Christianity, each with a different interpretation of the truth.
We have no external evidence of anything in the gospels, least of which the very existence of an actual preacher named Jesus.
We have no contemporaneous miracles to provide any evidence of the truth of Christianity.
We have an avalanche of scientific discoveries that refute many assertions and stories in the Bible.
But after all of this, God will judge us if we don’t believe his message, whatever the hell it is, and send us to a place of eternal torture.  This is Christianity in a nutshell, and it is the nail in the coffin for its believability to any sane, objective, critically-thinking person.

What I wrote:

"This is why critical thinking skills are not promoted by religious leaders, because the exercise of them inevitably leads to the evaporation of their claims."

Well done. You have been writing some good stuff here. I'm impressed. Did you convince the superstitious cowardly idiots? Of course not.

The problem is intense religious indoctrination, aka child abuse, often causes incurable brain damage because the brain is still developing. There is no cure.

A possible solution is mandatory and competent science education, especially evolution, starting at age 6. This will give the victims a chance to survive the child abuse without brain damage.

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