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Sunday, April 9, 2017

What I wrote at Lichess.org

"Does anyone play on any other chess websites?"

If you asked that question at chess.com your comment would be deleted in less than a minute. If you asked this question a 2nd time you would never be able to write a comment there again.

At lichess we have freedom of speech. At chess.com Big Brother is always watching.

#8 wrote "I played in chess.com for years. This site kicks it's ass 100-0"

I agree. Lichess is the best. Nobody else comes close. I ignore the other websites for playing chess because in my opinion there is no reason for them to exist.

For looking up grandmaster games (which I import to lichess for the free analysis) or watching grandmaster tournaments or for chess news I like chessgames.com & chessbomb.com & theweekinchess.com & reddit.com/r/chess/

Lichess is free but fortunately being a patron is allowed. lichess.org/patron/list


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