Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What I wrote at Reddit - Debate a Christian. It's about the magical resurrection of the Magic Jeebus Man. The stupid, it burns.

A basic fact of reality: dead decomposing preachers stay dead.
There is nothing more to say about it. Christianity completely depends on this disgusting ridiculous and totally impossible fantasy. The Christian death cult needs to thrown in the garbage where it belongs.
"There is not enough evidence to justify belief in Jesus' resurrection."
There is zero evidence for this impossible fantasy. The Christians invoke 500 dead gullible witnesses who may or may not been invented. That's not evidence for anything. There can't be any real evidence because it never happened. A decomposing corpse can not "rise from the dead". Zombies are not real.
This is childish Easter Bunny nonsense. In the 21st century this should not be a subject. It's like saying the Earth is flat. We know the Earth is not flat. We know dead people stay dead.
Was the Magic Jeebus Man real? Who cares? If he was real he was nothing more than a know-nothing preacher man, as worthless as today's preachers.

I also wrote this for a Christian retard who tried to defend his childish belief in magic:

"Supernatural things or miracles cannot be analyzed by natural sciences."
So the question is this: Is supernatural magic real or not?
Any unbrainwashed child can figure it out. Magic is not real. This is a basic fact of reality.
The Christians are willing to throw out reality so they can believe in ridiculous fantasies that make them feel good, for the example the magical 2nd life fantasy, something that only feeble-minded cowards would wish for.
Wishful thinking does not make magical fantasies come true.
Christians should grow up and face facts. They are just human apes. There is nothing special about us and there is nothing special about our planet. We are just animals. We share an ancestor with cockroaches. Cockroaches stay dead and human apes stay dead.
It's ridiculous I should have to explain reality in the 21st century. Religion is brain damage.

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