Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What I wrote at the Wall Street Journal about the evolution of birds and the breathtaking stupidity of American Christians who want to throw out two centuries of scientific progress so they can keep their moronic Magic Man fantasy.

For now, having the detailed images of Anchiornis emphasizes how similar some feathered dinosaurs were to birds, Dr. Brusatte says. “If you saw these things alive you’d probably consider them to be some kind of bird and not even think twice about it.”
Birds evolved from one branch of dinosaurs. The numerous and growing evidence from fossils is supported by DNA sequencing.
This basic fact of science makes know-nothing science deniers cry because they prefer their ridiculous "The Magic Man did it" fantasy, a mental illness American Christians share with the Islamic State terrorists.

Update: The WSJ deleted my comment. Perhaps a retard complained. Censorship is out of control at that place.

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