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Some links about the idiotic bible I found at the Wall Street Journal.

What someone else wrote about Mark Twain:

I prefer Mark Twain's take on the lives of Adam and Eve to the account in the Book of Genesis … a great and humorous read if there ever was one.

Eve's Diary, By Mark Twain (contains the 'Extract from Adam's Diary)

"If anything is absolutely, rock-bottom true, it’s that life evolved, beginning about 4 billion years ago, and that the creation myth of Genesis is completely wrong."
-- Jerry Coyne, University of Chicago biologist


A know-nothing anti-science Christian fucktard wrote "So you really believe Jerry Coyne? Then you do have quite a lot of faith in man. Science has not proven this rock bottom true--no true scientist would say that it has."

The stupid, it burns. This was my reply:

"So you really believe Jerry Coyne?"
I don't have to believe anyone because I have spent several years studying the overwhelming evidence, powerful evidence you apparently don't know anything about.
"Science has not proven this rock bottom true--no true scientist would say that it has."
Sorry sir but that's just plain wrong. Virtually 100% of biologists agree evolution is the strongest fact of science. By the way Jerry Coyne is a famous biologist. He was not making anything up when he wrote that. And you implied he's a liar.
Evolution has been considered a fact for more than a century. Today the evidence is thousands of times more powerful than Darwin could have imagined possible.
Before you or someone else asks for the evidence, don't bother because I refuse to waste my time doing other people's homework. All you have to do is go here to answer every question you have. Please take the time to educate yourself sir:

TWO  MORE UPDATES: The stupid is burning out of control in Idiot America.

A Christian asshole wrote "We can't know whether evolution is a semi-random process or divinely inspired, or perhaps some of both."

My reply: As if supernatural magic is a mechanism of evolution. Biologists "know" this is nonsense.

Another god-soaked bible thumping retard wrote: "The evolutionist do have vast mounds of fossils, and their grand story board. There will never be evidence they're related."

My reply:
Some nitpicking sir: Biologists are called "biologists" not "evolutionists".
The fossil evidence is overwhelming but biologists do not require any of it to be able say beyond any doubt all species are related. Human apes share an ancestor with chimpanzee apes and every other species including cockroaches and trees. This is scientific fact supported by thousands of extremely power evidences from DNA sequencing, embryology, and many other branches of science.
You or maybe someone else might demand I tell them what is that overwhelming evidence as if I work for know-nothing science-deniers. I refuse do other people's homework. I always send them here:
Explaining science for a science denier is equal to teaching a dog how to play chess. It's a waste of time and accomplishes nothing.


A fucking moron wrote "My points are no species: will evolve into another species, life cannot create it's self.  There will never be proof different." Imagine the breathtaking stupidity required to write that bullshit.

I wrote this reply:
"My points are no species will evolve into another species"
Sir, I apologize for having to say this. You're totally wrong. We "know" a species of fish evolved into land animals. We "know" whales evolved from land animals. We "know" birds evolved from one of the dinosaur species. We "know" land animals evolved into numerous other species including lizards, mammals, and other creatures. We "know" mammals evolved into numerous mammal species including monkeys, chimpanzee apes, and us human apes.
How do we know these things? Evidence. Overwhelming. Still growing. Powerful stuff from many branches of science for example embryology which you know nothing about.
Nobody cares about your problem. Scientists ignore science deniers. All you're doing when you write ridiculous things like "no species evolved into another species" is making a fool out of yourself.
There is something called "looking things up". I recommend it.

If I get any more bullshit from this know-nothing asshole this will be my entire reply:
One more time to help you understand sir:

ONE MORE THING: Wikipedia - Evidence of common descent and Wikipedia - Evolution

Another one more thing: The know-nothing asshole wrote this: "If species could evolve into another species, we could cross breed one into another, as I keep saying the fact that we can't cross breed one into another, proves it has never happened."
Like all science deniers this moron is way beyond retarded. Breathtaking stupidity in everything he writes. I wrote one more reply. From now on ignore the bible thumping dipshit.

My reply:
The common ancestor of chimpanzee apes and human apes became separated and then evolved into 2 different species. This is called speciation by the way. You need to read this sir:
DNA analysis has shown that during about the 1st million years they became separated when they encountered each other they had their way with each other. But eventually the same analysis shows that when they became more different from each other they stopped doing this because now they were becoming different species. This is all scientific fact. I don't make things up. And unlike science deniers like you I look things up.
With all due respect you are total waste of my time. I suggest you do the following things. Read this stuff:
Then you need to check this out:
You have wasted my time. That ends now.

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