Thursday, March 16, 2017

What I wrote at the atheist forum. "The future of atheism."

"In particular, Islam poses a major existential roadblock towards the secularization of the planet. Because this religion punishes apostasy with death, it retains and controls its members through fear much more effectively."

Unfortunate but true. Sometimes their own relatives are the problem. I imagine there are many atheists in theocratic countries who keep quiet about their acceptance of reality to avoid problems including being murdered.

In America where I live when I told my mother I was not going to church anymore she became hysterical about it. I was sorry to see that happen but it made me realize religions can cause great harm to everyone including the people who believe in it.

Science education kills religious ideas and this is a good thing. The theists know this is a problem for them which is why in America there is a never ending war against science education. This is a good example:

Will religions go extinct? I think it's possible but not in my lifetime.

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