Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A quote from Muslim scum: “Move on the [infidels] wherever you can find them.” I wrote a comment at the WSJ. I expect Christian scum to attack me relentlessly because they won't like what I wrote and because Christians are stupid fucking assholes.

“Move on the [infidels] wherever you can find them.”
Google is my friend.
Infidel (literally "unfaithful") is a pejorative term used in certain religions for those who do not believe the central tenets of one's own religion, are members of another religion, or are not religious.
I'm not religious so I'm a infidel. 
The world would be better off without religions. The god fantasy was the human race's greatest mistake. Religion has a very long history of violence. It's never going to end. It's getting worse.
Without the world's insane religious cults there would still be violence but at least people won't be killed because they believe in the wrong god.

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