Thursday, December 22, 2016

What I wrote at the New York Times about Muslim scum. It probably will not be published. If it is published it will make liberal crybabies cry.

"It was not clear whether Mr. Trump was reaffirming his much-criticized call for a wholesale ban on Muslim immigration or his subsequent clarification that he would stop only those entering from countries with a history of Islamic extremism."

The President-elect's idea, don't let any Muslims get in, was not criticized by me. We owe these people nothing. If America is going to avoid the violence in Europe we must not let these people get in. It's the best way to keep America safe.

I don't think we should be sacrificing American lives just to be politically correct.

I was reading some of the comments there. Liberal crybabies were crying. They have my contempt.

UPDATE: My comment was published and there was one reply:


 Irvine, CA 48 minutes ago
Amen. What you have said should go without saying, but liberals have convoluted reality so badly that it must now be said. Oh, of course, you are a racist for saying it. I am a racist for agreeing with you.

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