Wednesday, December 21, 2016 is the most perfect chess website in the universe and it just got more perfect.


I just figured out the best way to use "Learn from your mistakes." Just use it before studying the game. I like that it lets me try again when I fail. I could skip a mistake if I wanted to. Sometimes I had to ask for the solution. After learning from a mistake it was easy to move on to the next mistake. It even lets me learn from my opponent's mistakes. It turns the board around to do this.

Once I accidentally left "Learn from your mistakes". It said "You browsed away" "What do you want to do?" "Resume learning" "Close learning" I clicked Resume learning and I could continue where I left off.

Everything possible was invented to make the experience easy and enjoyable.

Studying a game used to be a bit tedious. Now it's fun.

What an amazing idea and it works so perfectly. I doubt any other chess website has this feature. The other websites should be thrown out and the entire world should use lichess.
This new fantastic feature was announced on 12/20/2016:

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