Thursday, December 1, 2016

A comment I wrote at the New York Times about the 2016 World Chess Championship.

I have much respect for Mr. Karjakin. At one point despite the odds he was winning the match. Now he has to go home to a very disappointed Russia where chess is equal to American baseball. But he deserves congratulations for making Mr. Carlsen earn it.

A nice thing about chess is every chess player is your friend no matter country they live in. Thanks to the internet my living room is an international chess club. I play against Russians and Iranians and once with a North Korean. We are all friends.

I didn't put this in the comment but this is the very interesting last game which ended with a queen sacrifice:

This is the chess puzzle from the last game:

This is the New York Times article which has more than 100 comments:

This is the Wall Street Journal article which so far has only 6 comments including 2 comments from me:

Excellent article from about the entire 2016 World Chess Championship

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