Saturday, June 28, 2014

Yahoo question: Do you believe in god, and why? Two answers copied and pasted here. I wrote the 2nd answer.

We know the biology behind the mental illness of theism... People that truly believe are people that have predictable brain scans that allow them to maintain magical thinking and cult like behaviors.

The only way to get a person that lacks these genetics/brain damage to believe is via abuse... You make the child fear for their existence and they'll do and say and believe anything...

But even in cases like that, you'll almost always end up with an adult that stops believing but maintains lip service and seeming devotion out of fear.

For example, it's illegal to not be a Muslim in many Islamic Theocracies. People will pretend to be devout muslims until the second they can escape...

There is no such thing as a true believer when you must maintain obedience and belief via threats of death, abuse, torture, murder, and imprisonment.
"I also question the sanity of people who agree with creationism and I know that sounds pretty harsh but if you do believe in creationism I enocourage you to say why, because it boggles my mind."

46% of Americans are creationists. They disgrace their country. Thanks to these god-soaked uneducated science deniers America is a laughing stock.

"Do you believe in god?"

The magic god fairy was invented by uneducated morons long before there were any scientists. Thank goodness I don't have this mental illness.

"a life after death"

It's a childish fantasy for cowards.

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