Saturday, June 14, 2014

Agnostics are full of crap.

Agnosticism is the ability to be full of crap and it's the inability to be able to figure out a simple fact of reality.

Is supernatural magic real or not?

Any child could figure it out. Agnostics can't figure it out because their brain damage is incurable.

"the Atheist is comfortable with what is observable and measureable by human technologies and is willing to close their mind to the small possibility of the existence of unmeasureable forces"

Why do you call magic "unmeasureable forces"?

If you call magic something else it's still magic and it's still ridiculous and childish.

I don't see any difference between agnostics, bible thumpers, and terrorists. All of these people are insane.

"Please respectfully explain why you disagree"

As if I should respect religious insanity. The violence and the stupidity is out of control and your kind are part of the problem.

Reality: There are no magical beings including Easter Bunnies and magical god fairies.

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