Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Muslim asked "Don't you Christians understand that we're almost exactly the same?"

Jewish/Christian Law 2; Do not eat pork, Jesus was a Jew. 
islamic law 2: do not eat pork. 

I love pork steaks. Does Allah really care if I eat a pig? 

Islamic law 8: Do not steal 

Or else we'll cut off your hands. 

Christian law: protect the environment 
islamic law: protect the environment 

If only it was true. At one Muslim country they ate all the sea turtle eggs, a species threatened with extinction. And Christians will destroy the environment if it's lucrative for them to do that. 

The truth is Christianity and Islam have a lot in common. The miracles are a bit different, their ideas about the Magic Jeebus Man are a bit different, but the whole idea there's a magical master of the entire universe showing its love for the human apes on this insignificant planet in the middle of nowhere, that fantasy is shared by both religions. 

And if there really was a magical being (Allah/God/Zeus) it would be disgusted with these religions which each think they're better than anyone else.

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