Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Muslim scum need to be wiped off this planet.

  • Nous answered 3 hrs ago
    The violence goes right back to a dispute over who had spiritual authority over the Muslim community after the death of the prophet Muhammad in what is called the “fitna” which translates as temptation or trial and caused all the discord within Muslim community.

    Shi’ite Muslims believe that authority was vested in his family; the Sunnis look to the sayings and actions of Muhammad as well as the Koran.

    The extreme sectarian violence has been brought about by Al-Qaeda Which while being exclusively Sunni deliberately set Shi’ites and Sunnis to kill each other in Iraq. Sadly more Muslims die by Muslim hands each month than were killed by the invading forces in the war!

    Hamas also kills far more Muslims than the Israelis ever have!

    An average of over thirty five Muslims a week were being killed by Muslims but in the last few years it has frequently been over a hundred a week!

    Whether it is a Danish Cartoon, book of fiction , a snippet of film or some other excuse, Muslims hit the streets around the world rioting, looting, burning and uttering death threats!

    Nearly all the Muslim countries are seeing Muslims attack Muslims destroying homes, businesses, infrastructure and targeting women and children particularly showing the extremists must surely be trying to turn Muslims into primitives living in caves and mud huts so they can be controlled more easily!

    The murders in London and Paris clearly demonstrate that the extremists are winning in turning Muslims into primitive savages!

    All that is required for evil to triumph over good is for good men to do nothing Evil can triumph only if good men do nothing – Edmund Burke

    So if Muslims want Islam to be a religion of peace and be able to live in peace what are Muslims going to do about it?!

    What should concern everyone is that the aims of the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, the Taliban and all of Islam really is total world domination. Whilst it is currently about civil war make no mistake their ultimate aim is world war three
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  • Harry edited just now
    I don't have a very high opinion of Muslims. I have even more contempt for the wimps who suck up to Muslims, especially the cowardly brain-dead wimps who work for Yahoo.

    Nous wrote about Muslims "targeting women and children particularly". This is typical for cowards. Kill women and children. Only a cowardly Muslim would do this.

    Yahoo, if you're going to delete my answer then you have to delete what Nous wrote. Let's see if you Yahoo wimps have the nerve to do that.


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